Claas Hoffmann

I have been living with the tarot cards for 37 years, they have enriched my life in a wonderful way. It's a little like having an invisible friend who visibly communicates with me through the tarot cards. When I read the cards for other people, my intention is to bring them closer to contact with their own invisible friend. Forrest Gump says: "I don't know if we each have a destiny or we're all just floatin' around accidental like on a breeze. Maybe both happening at the same time ..." This "both happenig at the same time" is what I believe: We have a destiny and many things are already written in our "books of life" when we are born. But we are still free in our ways, how we walk on earth, with what attitude, smiling or grumpy. And sometimes we are free to choose in which way we will get to a certain station which is written in our "book of life". When I do Tarotreadings, I also want to convey my spiritual faith, a sense of freedom and trust that our life paths will make sense in the end, as well as the knowledge of the "invisible friend."