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Awaken Lilith Within

November 16, 2023 7:30 pm 9:30 pm

Awaken Lilith Within

A workshop for Women
with Sarah Abdelal


✨What does it take to embody the energy of sacred femininity that includes balances sacred masculinity.

✨How to foster that healing dynamic between our inner reflective moon and expressive sun.

✨What survival coping mechanisms are we drowning in, collectively and individually for the purpose of external acceptance and approval.

✨How is our external human and nature chaos reflecting our inner imbalanced universes.

✨How to honor the sacredness of life?
Creating driving steam through water and fire elemental alchemy.

💫During this experimental Journey you will learn and explore:

🌚Understanding how the law of attraction works and how to use
it with ease!

🌚Connecting the cosmic dimensions of harmonious sun and moon energies within us.

🌚Exercise: Exploring excessive cooping behaviors that are not aligned with your true inner self.

🌚Exercise: Revealing your dominant energy (Yin or Yang)

🌚Revealing the healthy shadow aspects of the masculine and feminine and how to use them accordingly to manifest.

🌚Understanding how: darkness is used to create light experiences

🌚Guided Meditation to integrate wholeness within ourselves

🤍Let us awaken our inner Moth allowing our survival mood cooping Butterfly to rest! 🖤

*Date & Time:
16th November 7 30 – 9 30 pm
*Donation Based with sliding scale

You can register with this link:


Sliding Scale 10 – 20 Euro, 2 low income spots available for 5 Euro

€10 – €20

The Fool

Skalitzer Str. 43
Berlin, 10997 Germany
+49 17683-291-652