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“Chappaqua”: Projection

March 8 @ 8:00 pm 11:00 pm


“Chappaqua”, is a 1967 American drama film, written and directed by Conrad Rooks.  This cinematic kaleidoscopic piece, throws us into the whirlwinds of chaos and self-discovery. It’s a film that breathes the air heavy with cigarettes and jazz, where the protagonist, lost amidst the fog of addiction and spiritual longing, seeks redemption in the darkest corners of his soul.

Inspired by the vibrant beatnik scene of the ’60s, “Chappaqua” plunges us into a world of excess and rebellion against the established norms. Countercultural luminaries make their presence felt in the film, including figures like William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, alongside the enigmatic musician Moondog, weaving a tapestry of defiance and introspection.

Through a dizzying montage and fragmented narrative, the film drags us through alleys of self-destruction and moments of spiritual ecstasy. It’s a journey where the mind blurs between reality and hallucination, as we confront the inner demons and uncomfortable truths that lie at the depths of our psyche.

The music, a fusion of the daring and provocative energy of The Fugs and the transcendent melodies of Ravi Shankar, saturates the narrative, adding an additional layer of rebellion and subversion to the experience. “Chappaqua” is a symphony of chaos and beauty, an ode to the freedom and anarchy of the human spirit. It’s a reflection of the rebellious and visionary spirit of a generation that refused to conform to the established order and sought a deeper meaning in a world in constant transformation, where drugs served as both an escape and a path to self-destruction.
The screening will be complemented with a brief introduction and historical contextualization by J. Pablo Arce C. @latercera_mano (Artist, collector and independent curator)
The film will be shown with the original audio

€5 Donation

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