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Fools Classroom: SCHOOL OF TAROT // with Claas Hoffmann

September 15, 2022 @ 7:00 pm 10:30 pm

Fools Classroom: SCHOOL OF TAROT // with Claas Hoffmann

In the Fools Classroom: School of Tarot you will learn the basic skills to read the tarot cards for yourself and for others. We will use the Crowley Tarot, but you can also transfer the knowledge to other tarot decks.
We have created a course of 5 x 3,5 hours of teaching and self-experience (with little breaks for smoking or breathing) on five Thursdays in the last five months of 2022. It would be great if you would book all five dates, so you get the complete program and knowledge, but it is also possible to book the days individual.

Your course leader is Claas Hoffmann, musician, music-therapist and teacher for creative therapies.
Claas is living with the tarot for 37 years, he is author of several books about the Thoth Tarot, Crowleys “Book of the Law” and the astrology in the Thoth Tarot and the Book of the Law.
Claas latest publication is: “Metamorphose: Ein Kunsttherapie-Handbuch.” (Phänomen)

The number of participants is limited to 12.

Please bring along to the lessons: Joy of exchange with others, openness, humour & curiosity, readiness for self-experience and your tarot cards (any deck).

18th of August:

A Magical Rush of Images:
Letters from Your Holy Guardian Angel and Your Higher Self:
– The oracle of the Tree of Life.
– The tarot in the zodiac.
– The images of the 360 degrees of the zodiac as transpersonal symbols in your horoscope.
– The astrology of the Abraxas-Calendar.

Please bring:
A printout of your personal horoscope (radix). You can get it e.g. here:
Click on “Chart drawing, Ascendant”. You need your birth time + birthplace & date.

15th of September:
The 16 Court Cards
My soul in the colours of fire, water, earth & air; the 4 elements and temperaments: Know yourself and learn to understand others (even) better.

13th of October:
40 Weapons in Your Hands: Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks
The 40 forces of fire, water, air and earth.
What the forces behind the 40 “small” cards represent, cause, promote and prevent and in what way they correspond to our needs.

10th of November:
The 22 Trumps: Welcoming 22 Mysterious Strangers to a Party
“These twenty-two cards acquire a personality of their own: a very curious personality.” (Aleister Crowley, Book of Thoth)
These 22 cards are called the “Great Arcana” or the “Great Secret”.
They symbolise 22 entities or forms of energy that influence and shape our behaviour, our desires and fears, our states of mind, our path in life and our destiny.
They are forces outside of us and at the same time forces within us.
There is an almost infinite network of associations and similes associated with and corresponding to these 22 entities:
Signs of the zodiac, states of mind, forces of nature, plants, animals, minerals, gods, letters, numbers, colours, sounds, planets, elements, earthly and heavenly offices, … We ask the 22 trumps to introduce themselves to us … A party.

8th of December:
The Door and The Wheel:
The 78 x 78 Ways to Do the Right Thing
Decision-making aids and counselling methods.
Playful life with the tarot game.
Questions and answers;
Tarot practice

Price of the entire School of Tarot:
223 €

Price per evening: 50 €

RSVP via e-mail at info@thefool-berlin.com

€50 per evening (223€ 5 evenings)

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