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Harnessing Magick: A Path to Self-Transformation and Reality Crafting

June 2, 2023 @ 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

Harnessing Magick: A Path to Self-Transformation and Reality Crafting

A Path to Self-Transformation and Reality Crafting
with Philip HorvathDiscover the power of magick in this transformative talk that combines the mysteries of occult practices and the insights of modern psychology and neuroscience to create a practical guide to self-discovery and life crafting. We dive deep into the fascinating world of magick, shedding light on its foundations and explaining how it can be harnessed to shape our destiny, confront our shadows, and continually redefine our existence.
Through the practice of magick, learn how to own your individuality, take responsibility for your reality, and craft the life you wish to live. The talk outlines the key principles of magick – intention, imagination, ritual, and will – and guides you on how to implement these elements in your own journey of transformation. Embark on this enlightening path, leverage the power of magick, become the architect of your reality and take charge of your future, ultimately contributing to a better world.About Philip:With a career that spans several decades, Philip has built a bridge between ancient wisdom and future-oriented strategies, partnering with diverse global entities to navigate an evolving landscape. His unique approach, deeply rooted in the timeless wisdom of magick and the occult, marries over thirty-five years of mindfulness practice with modern neuroscience, systems theory, and various wisdom traditions. As a partner in LUMAN, Philip delivers immersive transformational experiences to executives and their teams, blending practical mindfulness teaching with his deep understanding of magick. Splitting his time between Berlin and Los Angeles, Philip’s global influence and dedication to the practical application of magick make him a unique agent of transformation in a rapidly changing world.Doors open 7 pm

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