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Occult Talk // Light Language – Intro by Marc Wilke-

February 14, 2023 @ 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

Occult Talk // Light Language – Intro by Marc Wilke-

Join us for an occult talk about channeling and how we can open up to the universe and allow the source to flow through us.

Theoretical background, practical exercises and expert demonstrations of channeling subtle energies.

Light Language is a form of communication that bypasses human limitations around the meaning of words. As opposed to a language made up of symbols and sounds that we have mutually agreed upon as a society or culture, Light Language has no fixed alphabet. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. 

When we come in contact with Light Language, what we feel is more important than what we think. It’s best to allow the mind to let go when receiving Light Language. We may receive a message that filters into our minds, but it’s not necessary in order to receive the benefits.

The purpose of Light Language is to shift our energy to a higher frequency than we usually inhabit. It helps our brains enter the receptivity of the Gamma state, which connects multiple areas of our brain. Gamma waves are associated with increased memory recall, sensory perception, focus, processing speed, and creativity.

At the soul level, Light Language can help us heal emotionally and physically, connect to our innate wisdom, activate dormant gifts and truths, and connect to our purpose.

This Talk is an Intro to the Workshops on Feb. 20th and 27th.

Book both sessions (Feb 20th + 27th) for only 35€ (less than 18€ per session)


Attend spontaneously as a drop in student or book only one session:
20€ per session


Book both sessions (Feb 20th + 27th) until Feb 15th and only pay 30€ AND receive a light code drawing channeled by Marc as a thank you gift on top.

About Occult Talk:
The Occult Talk is a gathering meant as a round table style to discuss together a proposed topic.
The aim is to break the usual schema of having a teaching figure and intimidated students. We want to make the occult less elitist, so anyone can feel free to participate no matter how much experience they have.Doors open at 7pm
Talk 8-10pm (at closed doors)

€5 – €10 Donation

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