Argentinian artist, designer, tarot reader, teacher and flower essences practitioner with an intuitive and sensitive approach. Her creative venture, ARTE TRINUM, serves as a harmonious fusion of art, esotericism and healing. Immersed in the enchanting realm of symbols, Felicitas has discovered the extraordinary power these forms hold. By embracing their guidance, she has witnessed the profound transformations they can bring.  A firm believer in the living essence of Tarot and divination, she is constantly exploring new pathways to connect with its wisdom, in this way, her approach is continuously evolving and changing. -Tarot Reading Session A session is a safe, loving, and free from judgment space Duration: 45-60 minutes aprox. Price: 55 Euros -Flower Essence Session The session includes a 30 ml bottle with a carefully crafted personalized formula.  Duration: 30 minutes aprox. Price: 44 Euros -Lenormand Oracle + Flower Essence Session  A personalized flower essence formula will be carefully crafted, harmonizing the core of what has been revealed. Duration: 45-60 minutes