Medea Gaia

My readings are based on tarots, numerology, folk magic, radionics and psychic intuition. Each reading is an experience into the timelines of reality and their eternal return in order to help consultants give structure and meaning to past, present and future life’s paths. Understanding and cleansing the present is the first step, from which starts the individual work of a magician, which is the one who can manifest one's own reality. Tarots and other instruments used during the readings are simply a tool to help soul and spirit stay connected and empowered to face life as a fabulous adventure. My Grandmother used to read playing cards and she told me many folk magic tales when I was a young being. A long part of my life has been devoted to occult and esoteric research, both academically and practically. I am also strictly convinced of the fact that each one of us is a magician, and that reality is just what we make of it.