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Blindfolded Dance Performance by @movementunlimited

April 21, 2023 @ 9:00 pm 10:30 pm

Blindfolded Dance Performance by @movementunlimited

“While I am dreaming and longing for sleep” is the third piece of the ongoing series “Multi-Polarities”. This blindfolded improvisation dance performance series consists of changing monologues revealing the dark and suppressed thoughts and fantasies we all have within us. A provocation and reflection of the inner conflict between desire, moral and reality of human beings, aiming to accept and find friends in their Multi-Polarities. Pushing the body to exhilaration to reach a paradox state between control and delirium at the same time in order to find release, pleasure and joy inside extremity and pain.”I would kill again if I would set free and I liked what i did.
You don’t have to love what you’re used to.
You are used to me.
My mind is a haze.
Excitement, fear, pleasure… all mixed.
They were a part of me.
I want to remember their appearance.
Their physical beauty.
I wanted to keep something if I couldn’t keep them here.
A place where i collect my thoughts and feed my obsession.
There was no use trying to fight it.
I was death and that was the only act that gave me satisfaction…”Performer:
Felicitas Thomas
https://www.movementunlimited.deOpen door: 20:00
Performance: 21:00

€5 – €10 Donation